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Reasons to have Anthony's Computer Repair provide your computer repair
Certified Technicians - Making sure qualified people are the ones fixing your problems.
Speed - Most problems handled same or next day.
Quality - Work is done right. You get what you pay for.
Guarantee - All labor comes with 30 day warranty. If we can't help you then there's no charge.


Problems we can help you with: Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Laptop Screen Repair, Custom-Built Computers, Error Messages, Freezing Up, LAN Networking, Malware Removal, Mobile Broadband, New or Broken Internet Connection, Printer Problems, Router Setup, Slow Performance, Software Installation Setup and Removal, Start Up Problems, Technology Consultation, Wireless Networking, All Computer Repair


Malware infection symptoms that let you know you may need computer repair - Malicious software can cause all kinds of strange problems to happen with your computer. Example: Think of your computer as a friend or close relative. You know how they normally behave. When they don't act normally it could possibly be an infection. Other symptoms might include:
Browser Hijacking - Malicious software can pop-up new windows or redirect you to the fake web pages or ones you didn't request, or even wish to visit. Most common browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and others are susceptible and could all the sudden develop a mind of their own.
Computer Freezing Up - Malware can cause your system to freeze or hang up.
Excessive Pop-Ups - They're normally trying to sell you something. Worst case, they are trying to bog down your system by opening to many windows. Resulting in slowness or system crash.
Scareware Alerts - Malicious programs designed to look like Legitimate Malware or Anti-Virus programs. They try to rip you off by telling you that your system is infected and then getting you to give up your credit card information. You can also be directed to a website where even more malicious software can be downloaded to your system.
Sluggish Performance - Computer starts much slower than it should normally. Opening applications could take longer.


System performance tweaking - We will examine your system for weak links to upgrade. Sometimes there's a bottleneck.
General Slowness - Caused by a low amount of system memory. Hardrive errors. Too many start up programs running in the background.
Boot Speed Reduction - Technicians will disable unneeded start up applications from the boot sequence.
Uninstalling Unused Applications - Some programs run dlls, BHOs and processes in the background even when your not using them. If your not using the program then you may be able to remove it to free up resources.
Tracking down Malicious Software - The removal of any Phishing, Dialers, Exploits, Ad-Ware, Worms, Trojans, Bots, Rogueware, Scareware, Hijackers, Keyloggers, Viruses and Spyware will greatly improve system speed and security.
Looking for Registry Issues - Removal of unneeded registry keys reduces registry size. Smaller Registry size decreases operating system load times.
Defragmenting Hardrive - Defragmenting the hardrive decreases the time that the operating system takes to access data on the hardrive.
BIOS and OS Optimization - Optimization of certain basic input/output system (BIOS) and Operating System settings.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery and backup services - Includes creating a backup secondary copy of your data onto a separate drive, computer, flash memory, CD, DVD or off site storage. A second copy provides extra insurance for your irreplaceable personal files. We can setup your system to automatically backup daily, weekly etc. to insure backups of critical files so your data is always in it's most current state. All this to make sure you're not the victim of a hardware failure, accidental loss, or malicious destruction. Your personal data may include pictures of the family's special occasions, or files for your business that are very important. They should be backed up to be preserved, waiting until your computer breaks is possibly too late.

Installing vid

Hardware Installation - Would include any computer related hardware and accompanying software. Then testing to insure that everything is working properly.
Examples - Hardrives, Printers, RAM, Modems, Power Supply's, Routers, Scanners, Sound Cards, Switches, Video Cards

hardware upgrades

Hardware Upgrades - CD/DVD Drives, CPU, Hard Drives, Memory, Modems, Motherboards, Video Cards, Sound Cards, All types of repairs

On Site Services - Computer Tweaking, Data Backup, Data Recovery, Data Transfer, E-Mail Setup, Firewall Setup and Repair, Hardware Installation, Hardware Replacement, LAN Networking, Mobile Broadband, New Computer Setup, Printer Setup, Printer Troubleshooting, Wireless Networks, and more.

Service Area - Waynesboro, Stuarts Draft, Fishersville, Lyndhurst, Staunton

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